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2008 China Solar Eclipse
"Saros 126"
38 km NE of Santanghu, China [ Aug 1, 2008 ]

photo by Bob Yen, stitching by Jook Leung ( links here: Flash & QT)

photo by Bob Yen, stitching by Jook Leung ( links here: Flash & QT)

NEWS ALERT: "Relative of U.S. coach killed in Beijing attack"

"The assailant also stabbed and injured a Chinese female tour guide with the Americans. He then committed suicide by throwing himself off a 130-foot-high balcony of the ancient landmark the Americans were visiting, the 13th century Drum Tower, the official Xinhua News Agency reported."


The Xinjuan Hotel I was staying at was 1/2 block from the Drum Tower (click for map, here & here), which I could see from my hotel room #219. Click here for video of Drum Tower, taken from Di'Anmenwait Dajie


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Fragmob "solareclipse" Mob
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Many THANKS to people assisting me in my eclipse expedition:

  • Michael Dong (Booking Agent/Chinacits)
    advice on Hotel, Train, etc.

  • Yeyinan (Skateboard Shopowner in Hami)
    taking me on his motorbike (& car) to get supplies, use of office Internet for eclipse-video upload, etc.

  • Peter (masters degree in Law, of Balikun)
    advice & logisitics for Balikun/Santanghu, accomadations at his family home (mom/dad) on July 31, etc.

  • Jennifer (Travel Agent/Ocean Travel)
    advice on Beijing hotel, China train schedules, etc



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