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IRIDIUM satellite-phone TECHNOLOGY


1990 Crandon World Championships: Robby Gordon/Venable Racing getting BIG AIR off a high speed roller

...OffRoad Racing Content like Robby Gordon's racing-efforts, can now be brought to the Internet in a Real-Time Webcast...

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Upcoming EVENT:

2005 SCORE Baja 500
"500 Down the Coast"
Ensenada, Baja Mexico June 3-5, 2005

quad near Erendeira

VORTEC Trophy Truck, beach-run

Class 1, beach-run


Pre-Race festivities:
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Click for Papas & Beer "Off Road Fiesta" (June 2/Thu, 3pm-12pm)

Click for QT video
Gus Vildosola, Jr signing autographs on Ruiz Ave.

NOTE: Click HERE to goto Baja 500 website for Vildosola Racing

( this website was being updated LIVE during the Baja 500,& could be linked from Vildosola Racing's website )

Click for Baja Legacy/HorsePower Ranch (June 2/Thu, 6pm-12pm)

Ivan Stewart

Race activities:
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Baja 500/scout-prerun

Baja 500/Fri (Contingency)

Baja 500/Sat (Race)

Baja 500/Sun (Awards)
Thanks to OffRoadUnlimited for steering upgrade/engineering for my 4x4 van
[ Click HERE for RealTimeUpdates from the main facility at OffRoadUnlimited ]

We will be working with SCORE & BFG Pit Support (Frank DeAngelo & company) to Demo/Prototype various types of Visual-Content (camera cellphones, 5M digital cameras w/30fps VGA video, Digital8/mini-DV camcorders, HD/High Definition camcorders), which can be brought to the Web by various Distribution Methods (real-time, same-hour, same-day..DirecWay satellite-DSL, Verizon broadband wireless, Cingular Edge Network, SprintPCS Vision, WiFi):

  • Real-Time (e.g., camera cellphones, PDA, 8M digital SLR)
  • Same-Hour (e.g., 5M pixel digital-camera w/30fps VGA video)
  • Same-Day (e.g., 8M pixel digital SLR & Sony FX1 HD/High Definition camcorder)

RACE UPDATE: [ HD video (downconverted to DV) ]

Click for QT video
Robby Gordon 1st 4-wheel vehicle thru @MM282

HERE for more race-photos (done in RealTime)

RACE UPDATE: [ 30fps VGA video (5M pixel camera) ]

Click for QT video
Zorro TT thru @MM282

Click HERE for more race-photos (done in Same-Hour)

The following were uploaded on Sunday:

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#1013 @Guadalupe wash, "Laughlin jump"

Click for QT video
#1015 @Guadalupe wash, "Laughlin jump"

Click for QT video
#1017 @Guadalupe wash, "Laughlin jump"

Click for QT video
#1018 @Guadalupe wash, "Laughlin jump"

Click for QT video
#1019 @Guadalupe wash, "Laughlin jump"

Click for QT video
#1020 @Guadalupe wash, "Laughlin jump"

Click for QT video
#1021 @Guadalupe wash, "Laughlin jump"

Click for QT video
#1049 @Guadalupe wash, "Laughlin jump"


Sal Fish

Gus Vildosola Jr speech



Scott McMillin

George Seeley, Jr
Click HERE for more Awards-photos (done in RealTime)

You can see the above 2 images Scott McMillin & George Seeley at their respective LiveWebcast sites hosted by TextAmerica.com. (click on URLs below)

A special LiveWebcast website prior to the Baja 500 was setup for McMillin Racing & Seeley Racing (& other race-teams): Click on the above links to see the Live Coverage from the Baja 500.

The "Baja 500 project" is also demonstrating, how Jumplive,com can help INDIVIDUAL race teams (in addition to helping the sport, via LiveWebcasts for SCORE or BITD), with a LiveWebcast for their particular team/car. Needless to say, the above URLs should be linked from the respective official race-team sites. (I.e., McMillin Racing, Seeley Racing, PCI Racing, Vildosola Racing, Baldwin Racing, Pflueger Racing). Then, for future races (like the BITD McMillin Nevada 1000), these race-teams & others can benefit from a LiveWebcast that features their car/team.

Jumplive.com is excited about bringing the New Technology (Web/Internet, Mobile-Devices & Satellite-DSL) to OffRoadRacing, as an "Alternative Model" for Media-Exposure & Public-Relations. ("Standard Model" is Television/Print-Media, which is a tough challenge for OffRoadRacing. It simply doesn't get the high-profile coverage it deserves). Hopefully, SCORE & BITD will realize this & work with Jumplive.com to link to future Jumplive.com LiveWebcasts.

I.e., we need a link 1 month in advance, to let the OffRoadRacing constituency know about this LiveEvent. Also, we need to test to see if there's any interest in such a LiveWebcast, in terms of web-hits (towards the goal of an "Advertising Model"..or possibly a "Subscription Model"). As of right now, BITD & SCORE have not linked to the 2 most recent Jumplive.com breakthrough LiveWebCasts at the Terrible Town's 250 or Baja 500! Here, we need more Cooperation/Coordination/Collaboration (it's called Team Work!) among the various parties..Jumplive.com (Technology) & SCORE/BITD (the Race-Sanctioning bodies). I am getting a lot of positive feedback from Racers/Fans, especially some high-profile racers ready to help out in terms of capital-investment.

I am hopeful that the OffRoadRacing community can come together soon (!), to bring a LiveWebcast as a representation of the "Alternative Model" for Media-Exposure/Public-Relations. I feel Mobile-Devices (WiFi, cellphone networks) & Satellite-DSL (global network) is the LightSpeed Technology, that is the breakthrough that OffRoadRacing needs to lead us into the 21st century.

"Technology on the Fast Track"
-- Team Toyota

"Speed is Life"
-- Auto Racing saying



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  • same-hour videos
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  • same-hour pics
  • same-hour videos
  • same-day pics
  • same-day videos

Race Audio

race-scanner traffic from Weatherman Relay, BFG Relay, Honda Pits, Race Teams (PCI Racing,Herbst, Collins, Baldwin)

prior/during/after motorcycle/quad start (5:45am - 7:15am)

after motorcycle/quad & 4-wheel vehicle start (7:15am - ??) [ warning 47mb .wav. file ]


Thanks to
SCORE/Sal Fish/Ric Miller/Dominic Clark, Frank DeAngleo/BFG Pit Support, Maurice Rozo/OffRoadUnlimited.com, Dave Kodama, Joseph Dillon/DillonMotorSports.com)


  • In 1990, for OffRoad magazine, B Yen became a regular photo contributor for SCORE off-road races & MTEG stadium races. He also was a writer/photographer for 3 offroad articles.
  • In 1991, B Yen also had writer/photo credits for offroad racing articles in Four-Wheeler magazine & Petersen's 4Wheel&Offroad
  • In 1990, B Yen began to shoot video along with still-photos. In 1993, his 1993 Baja 500 footage (Walker Evans Racing vehicles) was used by Jerry Garrett on Prime Ticket Network's coverage.
  • From 1991-1994, B Yen's astrophotography began to get published in the Baja themed magazines: Baja Explorer & Baja Life
  • In 1993, B Yen scored a coup when he was the ONLY member of the professional photographer crew at the El Toro Air Show, to get footage of the F86 jet crash. It was shown all over the world on CNN & ABCNews. It also gained him professional representation by one of the elite New York photographic agencies (worldwide coverage): Gamma Liasion Network (it has since been bought out by Getty Images)
  • In 1996, B Yen's astrophotography of Comet Hyakutake in the California & Arizona deserts was published in Astronomy magazine
  • In 1997, B Yen's astrophotography of Hale-Bopp gained worldwide recognition by ESO (European Southern Observatory, Dr. Richard West), NASA, Internet. He scored a *lead-photo* credit, in Newsweek Magazine's cover-story on Comet Hale-Bopp. His website Comet-track.com generated over a million hits, which caused the servers to crash!
  • In 1999, B Yen joined forces with George Seeley, Jr (Class 5 racer) & Seeleyracing.com, to bring SAME-DAY coverage to SCORE offroad racing at the '99 Laughlin Race
  • In 2001, B Yen once again joined forces with Seeleyracing.com, to bring SAME-HOUR coverage to SCORE offroad racing at the Primm 300 race
  • In 2004, B Yen once again joined forces with Seeleyracing.com, to bring REAL-TIME coverage to an offroad racing event at the Geiser Bro's D&D race-shop Xmas Party/Open House
  • In 2005, B Yen brought Real-Time coverage of the Rose Bowl, as an Internet webcast.

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