2009 SEMA Show
"Alternative Energy"
Las Vegas Convention Center Nov 2-6, 2009

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360x180 degree VR Panoramas

Flash VR (stitching by Jook Leung/360VR.com)

Flash VR (stitching by Jook Leung/360VR.com)

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  • In 1990, for OffRoad magazine, B Yen became a regular photo contributor for SCORE off-road races & MTEG stadium races. He also was a writer/photographer for 3 offroad articles.
  • In 1991, B Yen also had writer/photo credits for offroad racing articles in Four-Wheeler magazine & Petersen's 4Wheel&Offroad
  • In 1990, B Yen began to shoot video along with still-photos. In 1993, his 1993 Baja 500 footage (Walker Evans Racing vehicles) was used by Jerry Garrett on Prime Ticket Network's coverage.
  • From 1991-1994, B Yen's astrophotography began to get published in the Baja themed magazines: Baja Explorer & Baja Life
  • In 1993, B Yen scored a coup when he was the ONLY member of the professional photographer crew at the El Toro Air Show, to get footage of the F86 jet crash. It was shown all over the world on CNN & ABCNews. It also gained him professional representation by one of the elite New York photographic agencies (worldwide coverage): Gamma Liasion Network (it has since been bought out by Getty Images)
  • In 1996, B Yen's astrophotography of Comet Hyakutake in the California & Arizona deserts was published in Astronomy magazine
  • In 1997, B Yen's astrophotography of Hale-Bopp gained worldwide recognition by ESO (European Southern Observatory, Dr. Richard West), NASA, Internet. He scored a *lead-photo* credit, in Newsweek Magazine's cover-story on Comet Hale-Bopp. His website Comet-track.com generated over a million hits, which caused the servers to crash!
  • In 1999, B Yen joined forces with George Seeley, Jr (Class 5 racer) & Seeleyracing.com, to bring SAME-DAY coverage to SCORE offroad racing at the '99 Laughlin Race
  • In 2001, B Yen once again joined forces with Seeleyracing.com, to bring SAME-HOUR coverage to SCORE offroad racing at the Primm 300 race
  • In 2004, B Yen once again joined forces with Seeleyracing.com, to bring REAL-TIME coverage to an offroad racing event at the Geiser Bro's D&D race-shop Xmas Party/Open House
  • In 2005, B Yen brought Real-Time coverage of the Rose Bowl, as an Internet webcast.

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