Donor Information

Current Donor List
  • Seeleyracing.com
  • Scott Steinberger (PCIRacing)
  • Steve Sourapas (Corona Racing)
  • BITD (Casey Folks)
  • Jesse Jones (Precision Aerospace, RealTimeWebCast HERE, Broadcast HERE)

Donorship Description

We will be working with SCORE/BITD on a Technology Initiative for LiveWebCasting:
  • Visual-Content
    [ camera cellphones, 5M digital cameras w/30fps VGA video, Digital8/mini-DV camcorders, HD/High Definition camcorders ]
  • Distribution Network
    Web/Internet (the "Alternative Model")... as opposed to TV/Print-Media ( the "Standard Model")
  • Transmission Technologies
    [ satellite-DSL, cellphone network, WiFi ]
  • Delivery Methods
    [ real-time, same-hour, same-day ]
Click HERE for recent LiveWebCasts by Jumplive.com

A) Race Team 'test':

A race-team works with me on a "test" to do a LiveWebCast for their team:
  • pre-Race events
  • Contingency/Driver's Meeting
  • Race
  • Awards
A LiveWebCast website is created for this purpose, which can be linked from their Race Team website using FLASH animation.

[ Example ] PCI Racing [ from the recent Baja 500 LiveWebCast ]

LiveWebCast website:


Sample LiveWebCast Link from PCIRacing website:

[ click on the thumbnail-pics & ">>", for LiveWebCast images/video ]

B) Corporate Donorship:

This is a general fund to payback my costs of Real-Time webcasting of the *general* event. It will support the crusade of bringing SCORE Off-Road Racing to the public (via Internet Webcast). Maintaining Public-Awareness, after the recent Media coup with the CNBC/NBC Baja 1000 coverage (Cameron Steele, Pete Sohren, Rick Geiser), pre-Baja 1000 SpeedChannel interview with Dave Despain (Ryan Arciero), TechTV Darpa Challenge (Scott Steinberger/PCIRacing commentary), Spike TV spot (Kreg Donahoe of Donahoe Racing)



Accomplishments in OffRoad Racing

Contribution to SCORE media exposure

Contribution to SCORE OffRoad Racer photo/video media
  • photo of Nelson&Nelson Class 8 Chevy used on boxtop of Shaver Racing Engines video
  • 8x10, 11x14, 20x30 prints sold
  • "Photo On A T-Shirt" sold to Seeleyracing, Tjelmeland Racing, Arras Racing
  • Photos sold to Walker Evans Racing (a 20x30 sent to American Racing Wheels for display at corporate headquarters)
  • Photos sold to T-Mag (Bill Savage, principal) of Jack Johnson "leap" at '92 Primm
  • Photos sold to Spencer Lowe Racing, of Spencer Lowe "jump" at '90 Great Mojave 250
  • 20x30 poster sold to Russ Wernimont (Robby Gordon's crew chief) of "Robby Gordon over Crandon '90"
  • 20x30 poster sold to Jeff Huber (driver for PPI MTEG Toyota, & PPI mgr)

Accomplishments in Photography/Videography

1993 El Toro Jet Crash broadcast on CNN

B Yen's rise to international repute as a photographer/videographer started with this seminal event. Subsequently, Gamma Liaison/Getty Images of New York picked him up as a client photographer. His photography is marketed/seen all over the world in an international demographic. It even includes Vogue magazine.

lead photo for Newsweek cover story on Comet Hale-Bopp

photos used in article on May 10/1994 annular solar eclipse near Bahia de Los Angeles

full page photo of Comet Hyakutake from Arizona Sonoran Desert

B Yen gained additional international repute with his lead-photo for Newsweek Magazine's March '97 cover story on Comet Hale-Bopp. B Yen's astrophotography is marketed/seen all over the world, especially in Baja/Mexico because of his familiarity with 4x4'ing & OffRoad Racing travels. (for the May '94 annular-eclipse, he setup his expedition site in Bahia Las Animas, just south of Bahia de Los Angeles) Another one of his favorite sites is the Sonoran Desert of Arizona, where he photographed Comet Hyakutake from Organ Pipe National Monument (Astronomy Magazine full-page photo) in SouthEast Arizona (on the US/Mexico border)

5/90 OffRoad magazine: article & photos

11/90 OffRoad Magazine: article & photos

9/91 OffRoad magazine: article & photos

5/90 OffRoad Magazine: article & photos (note author credit: "by Bob Yen")

5/90 OffRoad magazine: center-spread photo section featuring Robby Gordon

11/91 OffRoad magazine: lead-photo gallery (note author credit: "by Bob Yen")

11/90 OffRoad Magazine: center-spread photo section

11/90 OffRoad magazine: article opening page (note author-credit "by Bob Yen")

10/93 OffRoad magazine: photos of MTEG Pasadena

B Yen's efforts in OffRoad Racing (specializing in detailed pre-running of OffRoad race courses), paid off when his photos were used in all THREE major OffRoad magazines: OffRoad, Four-Wheeler, Petersen's 4Wheel&Offroad. In fact, he scored article+photos in all 3 magazines, as well. Unfortunately, the infringement on OffRoad Nation's rights in the SouthWest deserts, forced him to resign from further OffRoad Racing coverage in 1992!? Because, detailed pre-running/reconaissance of the race-courses were no longer possible. It's a real tragedy, that U.S. citizens can no longer roam the deserts -- given the upsurge in SUV popularity.


  • In 1990, for OffRoad magazine, B Yen became a regular photo contributor for SCORE off-road races & MTEG stadium races. He also was a writer/photographer for 3 offroad articles.
  • In 1991, B Yen also had writer/photo credits for offroad racing articles in Four-Wheeler magazine & Petersen's 4Wheel&Offroad
  • In 1990, B Yen began to shoot video along with still-photos. In 1993, his 1993 Baja 500 footage (Walker Evans Racing vehicles) was used by Jerry Garrett on Prime Ticket Network's coverage.
  • From 1991-1994, B Yen's astrophotography began to get published in the Baja themed magazines: Baja Explorer & Baja Life
  • In 1993, B Yen scored a coup when he was the ONLY member of the professional photographer crew at the El Toro Air Show, to get footage of the F86 jet crash. It was shown all over the world on CNN & ABCNews. It also gained him professional representation by one of the elite New York photographic agencies (worldwide coverage): Gamma Liasion Network (it has since been bought out by Getty Images)
  • In 1996, B Yen's astrophotography of Comet Hyakutake in the California & Arizona deserts was published in Astronomy magazine
  • In 1997, B Yen's astrophotography of Hale-Bopp gained worldwide recognition by ESO (European Southern Observatory, Dr. Richard West), NASA, Internet. He scored a *lead-photo* credit, in Newsweek Magazine's cover-story on Comet Hale-Bopp. His website Comet-track.com generated over a million hits, which caused the servers to crash!
  • In 1999, B Yen joined forces with George Seeley, Jr (Class 5 racer) & Seeleyracing.com, to bring SAME-DAY coverage to SCORE offroad racing at the '99 Laughlin Race
  • In 2001, B Yen once again joined forces with Seeleyracing.com, to bring SAME-HOUR coverage to SCORE offroad racing at the Primm 300 race
  • In 2004, B Yen once again joined forces with Seeleyracing.com, to bring REAL-TIME coverage to an offroad racing event at the Geiser Bro's D&D race-shop Xmas Party/Open House
  • In 2005, B Yen brought Real-Time coverage of the Rose Bowl, as an Internet webcast.